Ethical Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

Hi friends! The famous, or infamous  Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift can be a challenge. The perfect Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift should suit a female or a male but you still want it to feel personal and special. Well I’m here today to give you my picks for an ethical Secret Santa/Grab Bag. A unisex gift  can still be awesome and thoughtful! Recycled Bedside Water Bottle w/ Glass $45: I love the elegance of this gift. Would add luxury to any… View Post
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Gift Idea That Travels: Caseable Case Review

Yes friends it is that time to start thinking of gifts. I am always looking for fantastic gift options that are made to travel, tee hee :). A thoughtful mailable gift for your loved one or a gift that will travel with you to your holiday destination can be difficult to find. Enter Caseable! Caseable makes premade and customizable sleeves and cases for your laptops, iPads, iPhones, and several different types of readers and tablets. When they contacted me to… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits-My First Cleanse!: Kaeng Raeng Cleanse Review

I’ve always been a bit wary of cleanses. I do like the idea of being really thoughtful about what’s going in your body and kind of cleansing your system, however I’ve heard stories of just straight misery on cleanses and I felt like I don’t have the time to be miserable! But then along came an email from the people at Kaeng Raeng. A few things appealed to me about this cleanse. Kaeng Raeng is vegan, all natural, made in… View Post

Crushing On…Salt Labs

  I am dying in love with these graphic map pillow cases from Salt Labs available at Poppytalk Handmade. They are just so modern but still really happy and bold, I kind of want all of them.       Sigh, if only I had the budget for a couch full of maps… View Post

New BFF-My GreenSmart Laptop Sleeve

Hi friends! So I have a new savior in life :). As a blogger and a person who shuttles around to a lot of different places I need a laptop that is also made to travel (ha! pun!). And while I made a list last year for Steph of The Loud Mouth Lifestyle on ethical laptop sleeves and backpacks (post HERE), I have to confess I did not do a good job for myself! All the sleeves I found (ahem… View Post

Guest Post: Ethical Travel Essentials!

Hello dears, it’s Madison (Lady of Fashion) from Fashion Tales. I am elated to be guest posting over here for the lovely Jamillah during her relaxing holiday. She’s one passionate lady with an eco-heart and sincere desire for helping others. She’s also become a genuinely close friend of mine in the blogsphere.  Traveling is something that I’ve done since I was an infant really and, by getting older, I’ve certainly developed my own tips and tricks when on-the-go. However, this time I wanted to share with you a… View Post

Mayamiko-Ethical Fashion for Your Tiny Tykes

Friends, I am thrilled to have Mayamiko as this week’s Shop for MORE feature. Mayamiko is a registered non-profit organization based in Malawi where well over half of the population live in poverty (source Mayamiko site). Mayamiko really believes the key to start a positive cycle to lift people out of poverty is education and that is what they provide to the participants in the Mayamiko Trust. Mayamiko’s line (shop the line HERE) is my first children’s clothing highlight and… View Post

Shop for MORE than Style- Kate Spade

I like the idea of a morning smile…so here is something for your smile file for Monday: Kate Spade and Women for Women International image credit- via DANS MON BOUDOIR How gorgeous are these baskets and this project?!?  The WfWi says: “we were all so excited when we saw these pictures that we knew we had to give you a sneak preview of our upcoming collection. later this month, on our website and in our shops, we’ll unveil the colorful,… View Post
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