Gift Idea That Travels: Caseable Case Review

Yes friends it is that time to start thinking of gifts. I am always looking for fantastic gift options that are made to travel, tee hee :). A thoughtful mailable gift for your loved one or a gift that will travel with you to your holiday destination can be difficult to find. Enter Caseable! Caseable makes premade and customizable sleeves and cases for your laptops, iPads, iPhones, and several different types of readers and tablets. When they contacted me to… View Post

Back to School! – Ethical Messenger Bags

So friends, I had a request from the sharp dressing, well-traveled Kionon for ethical messenger bags and I had to oblige. My BF is actually excited because I haven’t really done something that included the fellas in a long while, so thank you so much Kion for suggesting it! For Him… Mission Workshop makes very true messenger bags (above is The Shed) with tons of cool features. They are all weather proof and made to easily swing on and off… View Post

New BFF-My GreenSmart Laptop Sleeve

Hi friends! So I have a new savior in life :). As a blogger and a person who shuttles around to a lot of different places I need a laptop that is also made to travel (ha! pun!). And while I made a list last year for Steph of The Loud Mouth Lifestyle on ethical laptop sleeves and backpacks (post HERE), I have to confess I did not do a good job for myself! All the sleeves I found (ahem… View Post

Guest Post: Ethical Travel Essentials!

Hello dears, it’s Madison (Lady of Fashion) from Fashion Tales. I am elated to be guest posting over here for the lovely Jamillah during her relaxing holiday. She’s one passionate lady with an eco-heart and sincere desire for helping others. She’s also become a genuinely close friend of mine in the blogsphere.  Traveling is something that I’ve done since I was an infant really and, by getting older, I’ve certainly developed my own tips and tricks when on-the-go. However, this time I wanted to share with you a… View Post

Consciously Trending…Bad Girl Bag

Well friends, I have come to terms with the fact that I’m a bit of a bag monogamist. I basically have a rotation of the same 5 bags during the work week but I heavily heavily rely on a go to bag and for me that is a bad girl bag. The above is my now retired bad girl bag. It served me well but honestly not as long as it should have in my opinion. While it looks pretty… View Post

Summer Time With Proud Mary

I mentioned last week in the Afia post I had the pleasure to meet the owner and founder of Proud Mary Textiles, Harper Poe. Have you heard of Proud Mary? You might have seen Proud Mary before they have been featured on Design Sponge,  Martha Stewart Weddings, Marie Claire, and more (press here) and that is because Poe is doing beautiful work in a beautiful way. ” We create unique, handcrafted patterned goods that are made in a socially and… View Post
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