Valentine’s Day for Everyone

For me Valentine’s Day is not reserved just for your lover. It’s a day about all the lucky loves you have in your life; your friends, your family,  your favorite coworker. Valentine’s Day really gives you a great moment to show that you appreciate them and I encourage you to do so! Valentine’s Day Free Printable Cards (printable available here) I am dying for these cards!!! If you don’t know what Galentine’s Day is please go now and google! These… View Post

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is my ultimate favorite! I completely understand that it could be considered a total Hallmark holiday, but a day about love and all those you love is something I can’t help but really get behind :). For me it’s really hard to find DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for men that I actually like! I’ve always been attracted to the scruffy, rough around the edges sort so while a jar of reasons I love you may be a great… View Post

How to Give Time for Christmas

To celebrate that the world is still here (yay!) and we’ve all been given a little bit more time I wanted to share some ways you can gift time to someone for Christmas. Time is really the perfect gift for that person who has everything or your friend that’s been super stressed or your boyfriend that has been working overtime or your best friend who’s a new mom. Give Some Leisure Time Babysit for your favorite parents/parent,  I’m sure they’d… View Post

Ethical Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

Hi friends! The famous, or infamous  Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift can be a challenge. The perfect Secret Santa/Grab Bag gift should suit a female or a male but you still want it to feel personal and special. Well I’m here today to give you my picks for an ethical Secret Santa/Grab Bag. A unisex gift  can still be awesome and thoughtful! Recycled Bedside Water Bottle w/ Glass $45: I love the elegance of this gift. Would add luxury to any… View Post
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Ethical Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

A lot of ethical shopping focuses on the ladies but there are tons of great ethical options for the fellas too! So here is my ethical gift guide for the lovely men in your life :). Gifts for Staying In: I love giving a gift that provides a little pampering and leisure :). Aromatherapy Eye Masks-$35.34 Multi Game Box-$36.00 Recycled Railroad Spike Letter Opener-$54.95 New Orleans Restoration Beer Soap-$5.95/bar St. James Infirmary – Frankincense and Myrrh Soap-$5.95/bar Men’s Shawl Collared… View Post

Gift Idea That Travels: Caseable Case Review

Yes friends it is that time to start thinking of gifts. I am always looking for fantastic gift options that are made to travel, tee hee :). A thoughtful mailable gift for your loved one or a gift that will travel with you to your holiday destination can be difficult to find. Enter Caseable! Caseable makes premade and customizable sleeves and cases for your laptops, iPads, iPhones, and several different types of readers and tablets. When they contacted me to… View Post

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Tomorrow is Father’s Day friends and in case you are scrambling to find the right gift for the dads in your life I didn’t want this weekend to pass by without giving you some last minute gift ideas…because sadly that is how I gift typically. Labeling Love My dad is not a “stuff” kind of guy. So I love the idea of getting his favorite treats and labeling the crap out of them!! The above are all FREE printables (because… View Post

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Gifting is nearly my favorite thing to do and mother’s day is especially dear to me because as most of you know I’m very close to my dear mamacita. You can meet her for a few seconds here (a.k.a my favorite post ever 🙂 ). So to help you find the perfect gift for your dear mama here are a  few last minute gifts for mother’s day. Hand on heart- I picked really simple things that won’t take more than… View Post

It’s Not Too Late!-Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

  Even though Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday I really like this day super simple and I prefer Valentine’s gifts that are small and full of thought. Here are some thoughtful gifts that you can still manage to put together this evening! For your family: I made these little transfers last night. Directions HERE, pictures don’t quite do them justice, it looks like they’re some kind of archival paintings. Really pretty outcome and definitely a project you can get… View Post

Last Minute Gifts-Don’t leave home to find the perfect gift!

  Oh friends! I hope you are not hustling like me to finish off your list! BUT in case you are here are some wonderful gift options that you can get without leaving the comforts of your home.   Give a gift that gives MORE! I love this from Global Girlfriends. Give the gift of giving back to your loved one. Whether they are an animal lover, a breast cancer survivor, or have a passion for education this gift is… View Post

A Gift That Gives Back…for the Reader

I’m a big believer in buying gifts that give back so instead of getting your bookworm friend/mom/sister/brother/dad a Barnes & Nobles gift card this year how about a gift certificate to Better World Books. Not only does Better World Books support high impact literacy projects in the U.S and around the world but for every book bought a book donation is made to someone in need. Other awesome things FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and in case you’re worried about your carbon… View Post

Gifts for Everyone from OpenSky

So friends, have you heard of OpenSky?!? It’s kind of a wonderful place :D. I first heard of OpenSky this past summer from the bright and wonderful Beautifully Invisible, fastforward 2 purchases and 1 party later I am officially a super fan! OpenSky emails draw my immediate attention! OpenSky is built on the idea that we all shop for different things with different tastes. OpenSky has chosen curators who have great taste in their respective interests, aesthetics and fields who… View Post