Women to Watch-Amazing Women on TV

I really do believe we have A LOT of really special scripted TV right now and many many of my favorite shows are on mid-season break. Hopefully you feel like resting after all the festivities so it’s the PERFECT time for you to go on demand or Netflix or wherever you can and get to know these amazing women on TV right now! (photos via : comingsoon.net; BBC; IMDb; Marvel Wikia; IMDb; The Gloss) Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreations It’s… View Post

Crushing on…Stay Home Club

Oh man, I know it’s Super Bowl Sunday and it’s a party town here in NY because the big event is at our next door neighbor New Jersey this year, but seeeeeeriously seriously seriously, I just want to stay home. (Stay Home Club patch here) Hence me wanting so many things from Stay Home Club. If this was a real club I would totally apply for membership for at least this weekend. I hope I don’t sound too lame, but between… View Post
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Holding on to Summer

sunglasses-bogus in red $95 / dress- casablanca dress $39.99 /  bracelet-gold cuff $12.99 / tote-printed olive tote $47.99 / shoes-ivy pine green $90 $44.99 I’m actually in the Hamptons right now holding on to the last bits of summer. Here’s  a little outfit to keep you company while I’m away :). View Post

Crushing On…Salt Labs

  I am dying in love with these graphic map pillow cases from Salt Labs available at Poppytalk Handmade. They are just so modern but still really happy and bold, I kind of want all of them.       Sigh, if only I had the budget for a couch full of maps… View Post

Crushing on Osborn Shoes

I came across Osborn Design in an old vendor highlight from Brooklyn Flea. I think they’re shoes are just extraordinary. Beautifully and highly designed but really really practical for my walking life. Now the shoes left my mouth agape but the philosophy and fair trade practices of Osborn Design is what I find most inspiring. Co-founder Aaron Osborn’s family runs one of the largest orphanages in Guatemala and after meeting an unemployed cobbler in 2007 he was inspired. Aaron with… View Post

Crushing On- New Tattoo

I am dying for a new tattoo. There is a painting that lives at my mom’s house and it came from the house in the Philippines where she grew up. I really would love Amanda Wachob to tattoo it on me. I love my last artist, she does beautiful and incredibly fine fine work (Su Houston). But I have never seen such a painterly quality in tattoos before Amanda Wachob and I think she would just do the best job… View Post

Crushing on Leather Everything

I am in love with wearing leather. I’ve shown you my black leather shorts, black leather mini skirt (both here), and leather paneled dress (here). I’m looking forward to wearing my leather things sans tights in spring’s warmer weather. But my mind was blown when I came across this spring leather post on Style Pantry. (click images below to be directed to post on Style Pantry) Leather in fun colors! So I went on an Etsy hunt for some affordable… View Post
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Crushing on Cat Eyes

Cat-Eye Sunglasses by made-to-travel featuring tortoise sunglasses I am seriously desiring bold, tortoise, cat-eye sunglasses. These are some I’m crushing on from a distance because alas I can not afford. Crossing my fingers on future thrifting excursions. P.S- my first Polyvore! I promise I’ll get better. View Post
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Crushing on Nail Rings

Oh man, oh man…I have no idea why I am so ga ga over these little guys, but I want one stat! Anna-Sara Dåvik spotted on Style Pantry: I am NOW obsessed with finding an affordable version that is comparable to the simple and clean look of Anna-Sara Davisk’s design (and then of course sharing it, winky). You can buy one or the complete 10 finger Anna-Sara Dåvik set here…I would personally only want one, BUT I would not hate… View Post
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