I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

NY Times Chris Rock

(photo via NYT

Did you guys watch the Oscars last night?! I typically don’t watch award shows, but I honestly wanted to see how Chris Rock would handle his monologue in all the #oscarssowhite controversy –so my review of the week goes to him. I honestly don’t think there’s anyone who could’ve done a better job–he addressed the situation head on and I really respected his comedy for tackling while simultaneously ribbing a heated debate. In case you missed Rock’s monologue you can read the whole transcript here or watch it here.

Now friends, please enjoy some of the recent links that made me heart the internet.

  • Yesssss!! Free art from NY Public Library Digital Collections.
  • Definitely want to add jojoba oil to my beauty regiment after reading this post on all the benefits.

One more thing won’t complete the perfect wardrobe.
If you’ve ever thought a certain pair of shoes, or a beautiful scarf would be the perfect addition and “complete” a look or wardrobe, it won’t. With that thought process, there will always be one more thing to buy. It never ends.


Have a beautiful week, friends.