Be Grateful

nyc sunset

Hello friends, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S., a time we spend with family to be grateful for family and friends and all that we are so so soooo lucky to have. I listened to this story on NPR One the other day and they had a guest who was discussing Naikan-a Buddhist practice that teaches “deliberate gratitude” and I found it so inspiring.

“…be thankful for more than the turkey this Thanksgiving – thank your roof, your furnace, even the lane lines in the street.”

Walking into a warm home, flicking a light switch, clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, dishes in your sink…all these things and much much more are real gifts that not everyone in the world gets to have and are all opportunities for us to recognize how lucky we are and to be grateful.

Above is a picture of the most beautiful sunset I maybe have ever seen in NYC. So grateful for living in this place, for the amazing family I have, for the inspiring friends, for the crazy job, for my loving and supportive bestie boyfriend, for the computer I type on, for coffee in the morning and so much more as I think about it my life is so full of things to be thankful for and yours is too and I hope you can see it.

Also being grateful is good for your health!