Be Grateful

Hello friends, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S., a time we spend with family to be grateful for family and friends and all that we are so so soooo lucky to have. I listened to this story on NPR One the other day and they had a guest who was discussing Naikan-a Buddhist practice that teaches “deliberate gratitude” and I found it so inspiring. “…be thankful for more than the turkey this Thanksgiving – thank your roof, your furnace, even… View Post
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3 Holiday / Indulging Friendly Dresses & Ethical Options

(babydoll-santi dress $54 // shirtdress-everlane in gray denim $75 // shift dress- dahlia’s dress $72) It’s almost time for Thanksgiving here in the US and it’s really one of the most loved holidays because it is a time for food, family, gratitude and did I say food? When the holidays come around it’s time to indulge and enjoy your family’s famous recipes and cheers to that! To keep you comfortable and cute during this indulgent time of year, here are 3 holiday/indulging… View Post
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It’s a complete struggle for me to write after tragic events, how to share positivity in the light of such horrific actions…but the world never fails in giving reasons why to always hope and be good. #PorteOuverte translation “open door” was trending worldwide on Friday. The people of Paris extended their homes to those who needed shelter. Choose kindness always. Also loved this little prayer for life worldwide and life will go on. View Post
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I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Hello friends, happy Monday! Review of the Week: I had the great pleasure of seeing Eclipsed at the Public Theater last week and I know this is a super local recommendation but I had to share it! Eclipsed’s story revolves around 4 abducted women and their personal journeys during their captivity in the last days of Liberian rebellions in 2003. It’s a STUNNING play that is so completely riveting and arresting. The billed star is Lupita Nyong’o but the play is totally… View Post
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