Let’s Go Mets – Ethical Blue and Orange

It would be completely remiss of me not to somehow mention The World Series and our beloved beloved NY Mets. Friends, one of my earliest earliest memories is watching a Mets’ game around a teeny t.v. with no remote control (so old!), making a kind of Met totem, wearing Mets’ pajamas and cheering cheering cheering. Today is so exciting because the Mets come home to play the game 3 of  The World Series at Citifield, bringing Citifield it’s first World Series Game… View Post

Transition #4: Lace Dress in Fall

Well, officially COLD in NY which makes this end to my mini-series on transition pieces very aptly timed! I love a little lace, since I dress on the urban side, a little lace adds femininity and sexiness and for Summer it’s a natural choice. But I have to say I LOVE lace during the colder months too–lace brings a dreamy unexpected texture to fall outfits that I really really dig. So here are some ways to rock a lace dress… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Hi friends, happy happy Monday! Review of the Week: Last weekend my dad and I went to The Natural History Museum and saw the exhibit Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species, where I met this cute little axolotl. This exhibit is all about the literally extraordinary and varied characteristics animals have for survival and life—everything from cloning to surviving extreme temperatures to being super duper fast–life is truly amazing. If you’re in NY, make your way over, it’s… View Post

Costumes from Your Closet

ZOMG! Halloween is only 2 weeks away! Can you believe it?! If you know me you know I love a reason to be in costume–time to have fun, stretch those creative muscles and wear something you can’t wear in real life–sign me up! But I hate to be wasteful and I don’t like spending a lot of money on Halloween hence this yearly post on Costumes from Your Closet…you’re welcome! Plus you’ll see my costume from my closet last year!… View Post

Transition #3 Culottes in Fall

We’re well into the Fall weather in NY and nearly done with my mini little transition series. I know culottes are not for everyone but I happen to love a good culotte and think that worn right they’re a super versatile item. Culottes were a big trend for the Fall 2015 runway shows but I actually think they’re not really a trend item. Culottes can look super classic while being a little fashion forward and they can be breezy in the… View Post

Colorado Vacation

In August the BF and I went to Colorado to visit his sister and spend some time with his family. The first couple of nights we spent it away from the fam out at the foothills of the Rockies in Golden, Colorado, a short 45 minute drive away from Denver but a totally different world. We stayed at the most beautiful and peaceful airbnb, I’m a big fan of COMPLETE unplugging at least once a year and this cottage in the woods had… View Post
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