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tashi and the monk

Happy Monday, friends!

Review of the Week: Tashi and the Monk is an HBO documentary that tells the story of Jhamtse Gatsal: a school and home of 85 orphaned and neglected children. The documentary focuses on troubled five-year old girl Tashi, a new addition to Jhamste Gatsal who comes with baggage from a family with substance abuse, poverty, abandonment, violence and neglect. Tashi lashes out and isolates herself and Lobsang, the monk and father figure who runs Jhamtst Gatsal, refuses to give up on Tashi, believing she has every ability to overcome her tragic past to love, trust, and dream again.

Friends, Tashi and the Monk is such a beautiful film on the transformative power of love and kindness. You will cry and laugh and smile watching Tashi’s heartwarming journey at Jhamtse Gatsal. It’s a really short documentary (39 minutes!) and I highly recommend watching.

Now friends please do enjoy some of the reasons that made me heart the internet and see below for Tashi and the Monk trailer!

  • Hoda Katebi is tooootally my new super friend crush. LOVE her and everything she’s about.

When we do exercise, when we really own and understand our bodies and claim our physicality, our superficial quibbles with our bodies lessen because we realize what our bodies can do for us. My relationship to eating, my relationship to critiquing my own shape, all of that has changed since I’ve started viewing my body much more as a tool to do my work. That’s been huge for me.

And as promised the Tashi and the Monk trailer…

Cheers to starting the week!