Ethical Plus Size Clothing

(Vaute Couture Swing Coat $250) In the few years I’ve been writing Made-to-Travel I’ve received numerous reader requests for plus size ethical clothing and honestly even just 3 years ago this realm of ethical clothing was super non-existent. While the options for curvy girls are still limited–ahem, not just in ethical clothing, but clothing in general–I’m happy to share  five ethical brands doing plus sized ladies right! Vaute Couture is a darling of the cruelty free fashion world and for good… View Post
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I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Happy Monday, friends! Review of the Week: Tashi and the Monk is an HBO documentary that tells the story of Jhamtse Gatsal: a school and home of 85 orphaned and neglected children. The documentary focuses on troubled five-year old girl Tashi, a new addition to Jhamste Gatsal who comes with baggage from a family with substance abuse, poverty, abandonment, violence and neglect. Tashi lashes out and isolates herself and Lobsang, the monk and father figure who runs Jhamtst Gatsal, refuses to give up… View Post
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Transition #2: Shirt Dress Outfits for Fall

The shirt dress is probably my most favorite item of clothing–bold statement, I know (!)– but I’ve been dying to share shirt dress outfits for Fall! A shirt dress is just such a great piece for all seasons! In Summer it’s breezy without being super casual or exposing and I think a great shirt dress can be dressed up or down and is modern, subtle kind of sexy and totally classic. Now(!) here’s how to layer a shirt dress to carry you into… View Post
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Good Habits: Fall Fresh Starts

(print available at PartyInked) Hi friends, happy Fall Equinox! Autumn even more than New Year’s for me always reminds me of beginnings and fresh starts. And while if you know me, you know I’ll totally miss the warm weather of Summer, I really also do love Fall for this very reason. The environment is changing and so is an opportunity for us to do the same :). To celebrate the Fall Equinox I thought I would share some Good Words on starting… View Post

How to Help the Migrant Crisis in Europe

(photo via NBC News) Hi friends, so I had my usual link post scheduled for this past Monday, but after endlessly reading and watching the migrant crisis unfolding in Europe I really wanted to share how you can help. The trek for the Syrian refugees is a terrifying distance and I honestly can’t imagine the fear, courage, heart and love people have to decide to take this kind of risk for your family. Like Salma, pictured above who traveled over 1500 miles… View Post
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Ethical Spotlight: Global Goods Partners

(Sisal and Brass Drop Necklace from Global Goods Partners $22) September’s Ethical Spotlight is a wonderful ethical boutique– Global Goods Partners (GGP). GGP is a nonprofit enterprise dedicated to alleviating poverty and promoting social justice. Founders Catherine Lieber Shimony and Joan Shifrin, while traveling around the globe as international developers were inspired to find effective income-generating opportunities for women and their communities thus in 2005 Global Goods Partners was born. GGP is a carefully curated shop of fair trade accessories and home goods handmade by artisans in… View Post

Transition # 1: Socks and Sandals

Wah! I can feel the season changing! The evenings are getting dark and there’s definitely a chill right now in NY. To make the transition easier I’ve gathered 4 different items that you can take from summer into fall–Transition #1 Socks and Sandals. I know that this style is not everyone’s cup of tea. An easier transition is stockings and sandals, BUT I happen to LOVE a good socks and sandals situation and because I’m naturally adverse to pants I… View Post

Smile File: CloudReporter

As long as I can remember I’ve been super inspired by clouds. In fact one of my favorite past times to do secretly all the time–seriously, I do this secretly in my head all the time!–is look for shapes in clouds. I find it stretches my imagination like nothing else. When I first begin looking for cloud shapes I find myself imagining pretty basic things: staplers, cars, houses…basic! But then something magical happens–I start seeing sleeping elves, jellyfish parties, a woman riding a dragon,… View Post
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Last Dips for Summer-Ethical Swimwear

Can you believe Labor Day weekend is already here?!? I am always so sad to see Labor Day, since it’s the sign that Summer is coming to a close. While it’s still the season to get your last dips on, I wanted to share my guest post on Blender Babes last week– Ethical Beachwear for Every Girl. I am constantly super excited by the great ethical swimwear that’s out there and this year is no exception! Blender Babes is no stranger to Made-to-Travel, I… View Post
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