I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Another Monday in the books, friends! Review of the Week: this is me rocking a pair of House of Harlow sunglasses–my latest purchase from Fashion Project. I love, love, love this site! Totally reasonable prices for second hand goods and they also have items that are new with tags. But the best best part is that a portion of your purchase will go to a charity. My sunglasses purchase helped Project Heal :). Now to the links! I hope you enjoy some… View Post
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It’s Still Warm! Let’s Have an Ethical Picnic!

While the warm weather is still with us, friends let us picnic…and even better let’s have an ethical picnic! I love to be outdoors when the weather is warm and eating/reading/relaxing/straight laying outside on a colorful mat is high on the list of my happiest things to do. So in honor of my picnicking past time here is everything you need to carry, bring, and lay on to enjoy the great outdoors and have a great ethical picnic :). carry:… View Post
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My Favorite Travel Posts

(photo via wikipedia) As you’re reading this, chances are I am wondering around Eldorado Canyon State Park in Colorado :D. The bf and I will be in Denver mostly with his family, but we’re taking a couple of days to go hiking in this beautiful place. In honor of my being up up and away, I thought I’d remind you of some of my favorite travel posts that have been right here on Made-to-Travel to hopefully inspire you to treat… View Post
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Good Stuff: My Favortie Podcasts

I listen to A LOT of podcasts: on my commute, on a run, while I’m blogging, cleaning my room, cooking, doing laundry–it will never fail that I’m also listening to these brilliant, funny, informative, heart warming or breaking podcasts. There’s so much goodness to listen to that it was SUPER hard to cull this list, but here it is–in no particular order– my 12 favorite podcasts and I truly hope you take a listen. (photo credit: dora dora 2 via photopin (license)) 1)… View Post
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Ethical Spotlight on Victoria Road

I have a really exciting introduction for you, friends (plus a discount-code below!). Victoria Road is a gorgeous ethical boutique born from a philanthropic venture in Pakistan by co-founder Shannon Grewer and grew to become a beautiful means for artists in emerging markets, like Pakistan and India, to uplift each other. By connecting established local designers and emerging artisans with local ethical manufacturers, Victoria Road helps these artists get over the hurdle of manufacturing, giving them an opportunity for their designs to be shared and ultimately… View Post
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I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Happy Monday, dears! Review of the Week: If you’re looking for a cute Iphone case that is also super effective at actually protecting your phone, you need to get a Trident case. The above is my case ($34.95) which not only is really beautiful and eye catching (people ask me about it all the time), but Trident cases are made in the USA too! Thank you Trident for a million times saving my phone…highly recommend! Now, please enjoy some of… View Post

New Uses for Old Things: Legos, Dartboards, and More!

Haven’t done a DIY in so long! I am missing it so decided to share some new uses for old things that I am seriously crushing on. Hopefully will find the time to be crafty soon :). New Uses for Old Things Legos reuse (found on Houzz): I can’t wait for my nieces and nephews to grow out of their legos so I can make something like this. Jars reuse (found on Quite Quaint): Working on this right now! But instead… View Post

Ethical Spotting-Celebrity Fave Reformation

(clinton two-piece-out of stock-but petite in gingham available – $198 // Taylor Swift via WhoWhatWear) I love seeing ethical brands in the mainstream media and Reformation has been appearing everywhere–a celeb summer favorite since last year! While a lot of Reformation is totally in the “treat yo’self” category for me, I really do love the vibe of the super sexy, super modern clothing line and looking to treat myself not too far in the future :). What Makes Reformation Ethical:  Dedicated to… View Post