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Happy Monday, friends! Review of the Week: So this one may be a bit weird…over a couple of days I binged watch the Netflix original series Sense8 by the Wachowskis and fell completely in love with it. Okay! Full disclosure: it is pretty graphic and pretty darn weird. Basically, 8 people from around the globe (Nairobi, Seoul, Chicago, London, Berlin, San Francisco, Mumbai, and Mexico City) have the ability to live thru, live with, experience with and utilize each others consciousness and abilities and while that sounds CRAZY it feels totally real and weirdly profound.

The first couple of episodes are a little jarring and has a lot of exposition, but once the Sensates (as they’re called) get the hang of being in each other’s lives–GAME CHANGER.  Yes, it’s sci-fi (I like a little nerd TV), but it’s more than that–it’s deeply imaginative and even though the basic premise is totally out of this world it feels beautifully real and grounded. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! If you like a good Haruki Murakami book, I have strong feelings you will also enjoy Sense8. If you check it out would love to hear your thoughts!

Now Please enjoy some of the recent reasons I hearted the interent :).

  • Excited about Intellibins — an app that will show you where to recycle everything.
  • Super interesting read on the patterns and relationships you have as a child sticking with you as an adult—

It’s from our early experiences that “repetition compulsion” develops. As the mind is set up to return to the known and familiar, we will gravitate, in adult life, towards people who recreate our family systems.

Hope you have a brilliant start to your week my friends!


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  1. FASHION TALES July 28, 2015 / 8:45 pm

    Ohh, this sounds and looks great. I’ve not seen this at all, so thanks for the recommendation of this Sense8 series. I’ve not had too much time for Netflix lately, but going to get back to it soon. /Madison
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