John Oliver on Fast Fashion

I was watching HBO with my dad over the weekend and was thrilled to see a 17 minute segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that took on fast fashion in a brilliant way. Oliver makes some really great points my favorite being: This is going to keep happening as long as we let it, so we need to show clothing brands not just that we care but why they should… WORD, Mr. Oliver…word! John Oliver made a point… View Post

Who Made My Clothes–Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a response to the Rana Plaza tragedy two years ago. This movement that takes place on April 24th every year is really a call to the fashion industry to beg the question: Who Made My Clothes?  Retailers who are exploiting people to produce their products really rely on us to not ask that question, so I encourage you to participate no matter what you’re wearing ask who made your clothing! The truth is retailers will not change if we do not prompt… View Post

Happy Earth Day…Spring Blooms

Hi friends, I know it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted. Truthfully, I felt a little uninspired and in need a bit of a break. Hope you all don’t hold it against me! But I am now truly inspired by SPRING! Yay! Although the April showers are definitely in NY, Spring is blooming  and on this Earth Day I thought an ethical round up of some sweet blooming ethical fashion is appropriate :). floral backpack- $52.50 // silver leaf… View Post