Ethical Gifts Under $100 for Him and Her

I should have said mostly WAY under $100…I don’t think gifts are about the money you spent, I really believe it’s all about thought…that said I definitely feel ok spending a bit more dough for those special splurge gifts for special people…So here are my picks for ethical gifts under $100 for him and her! button down shirt-$48//reversible belt-$100//wood puzzles-$34//mark the spot pillow-$56//ring-$97.19//shawl collared sweater-$89//Japanese courage hugo knife-$65//lacquered playing card box-$39 sweater-$39.99//wine vegan handbag-$88//clutch-$30//spa robe-$48.99//alpaca shawl-$72//throw blanket-$95.99//ear cuff set-$27.19//lovely necklace-$88… View Post