Fave Posts on Made-to-Travel 2014!!

ZOMG! Tomorrow will be 2015! I hope you’ve enjoyed 2014 as much as I have…while I did accomplish some things, I really didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to this year, but life happens and I’m not going to beat myself up about it…neither should you! Let’s just agree to do better :). I love looking back at Made-to-Travel, truthfully I really enjoy every single post so these year enders are always hard, but(!) I’ve narrowed it down and here goes it!… View Post

Best Last Minute Gift–Gifts That Are NOT Things

I have a mom who has literally EVERYTHING! My bro and I have come up with creative ways to give her great gifts that are NOT things and now that I put my head to it I was thinking there are a lot of people who would probably love receiving gifts that are not actual things. So no need to scramble for last minute gifts! The best gift you can give are not things :). (photo FreeDigitalPhotos.net/foto76//text added by me) For… View Post

Ethical Gifts Under $100 for Him and Her

I should have said mostly WAY under $100…I don’t think gifts are about the money you spent, I really believe it’s all about thought…that said I definitely feel ok spending a bit more dough for those special splurge gifts for special people…So here are my picks for ethical gifts under $100 for him and her! button down shirt-$48//reversible belt-$100//wood puzzles-$34//mark the spot pillow-$56//ring-$97.19//shawl collared sweater-$89//Japanese courage hugo knife-$65//lacquered playing card box-$39 sweater-$39.99//wine vegan handbag-$88//clutch-$30//spa robe-$48.99//alpaca shawl-$72//throw blanket-$95.99//ear cuff set-$27.19//lovely necklace-$88… View Post

Ethical Gifts Under $25

So this week is going to be all about crossing off people on your Christmas list! In my life I usually get small little gifts for my cousins and a couple of friends and coworkers, then for the couple of Christmas exchanges/White Elephant Parties/Secret Santa’s I’m a part of—these ethical gifts under $25 are perfect for these occasions! (you’re a gem pencils (set of 9)-$14 // lucky cats (set of 2)-$23.49 //hot chocolate gift box-$25 //name cards-$25 // recycled shot glasses-$10) I was thinking of… View Post
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Ethical Gifts for Kids

I think more than anything the holidays are for the kiddies :). I always try to cross them off my list first! Nothing like seeing a little guy enjoying something you gave them. I’m actually getting a Cutie Tattooie (pictured above) for my bf’s nieces. I love how fun and interactive they are plus totally made in the USA. I always try to give gifts that use a child’s imagination. So first off in Ethical Gifts for Kids —Gifts to Play With :).… View Post
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I Heart the Internet-Ethical Cyber Monday

(SEE DEALS BELOW!!! – First Row: earrings-Mata Traders // beanie-Scoutmob// scarf-Indego Africa // Second Row: necklace-Mata Traders // shirt-Enrou // earrings-Lydalli // dress-ASOS Africa // sweater-Vickery) There are so so so sooooo many great Ethical Cyber Monday deals right, now!! All the amazing items above are all on SUPER sale. So today’s I Heart the Internet is tooootally dedicated to having an Ethical Cyber Monday! Buy some gifts or a treat for yourself :). My Top 10 Ethical Cyber Monday Deals: … View Post