Smile File-Let’s Celebrate Cats!



Did you know that it was National Cat Day on October 29th!?! I had no idea! I had something completely else planned to post today, but as soon as I learned I missed National Cat Day I decided to have a little belated celebration!

I always identified as a dog person—I grew up with dogs and was surrounded by dogs as a kid, but as an adult I have way more friends that have cats and I have a new special place for them in my heart! A dog is all about love love love, cuddle–which is awesome, but I have a real love for the quirkiness and the personalities of the cats I’ve been meeting.

So for your smile file from this cat convert are some super fun and suuuuuuuuuuper cute cat things :).

cat buzzfeed

Some Fave Cats:

  • OMG – BAYNE! Pictured above, Bayne aka constantly surprised cat, has this adorable expression thanks to a little patch of fur around his mouth and his big round eyes.
  • Stefon, named after Stefon is one of my besties’ cats and a ball of love. One of my fave cats on the internet and real life :D.
  • Sarah from Yes an Yes made a calendar starring her cat Rasputin – Puss and Books! I hope she does a cat calendar for 2015!
  • Cats reacting to every day situations–SO GOOD from Buzzfeed. My favorite is expression is 17.”When you go to a wedding and it’s a cash bar” situation , but also love: 16 and 20.
  • Space Cat :).  Love that this existed.
  • Pretty amazing — Venus the two-toned face cat..LITERALLY.
  • Cats in Fashion…obviously these worlds would collide.

And if you are a feline lover you need to get all over tumblr the plethora of good, happy, cute fun, sweet, hilarious cat tumblr blogs is epic…EPIC! Tumblr = cat picture heaven.

cats that look like pinup girls tumblr

Fave Cat Tumblrs: 

cats of instagram tumblr



Happy belated Cat Day!!!