Ha! I Made It- DIY Tattooed Shoes

diy tattoed shoes- 1

So not every DIY turns out perfect. I had these shoes for a long long while and remember when everyone was painting the toe on their shoes?! Well, I tried that! —it did NOT work out for me. But I really love a pointy kitten heel and these were so comfy and the perfect color tan, I couldn’t throw them out!

Then I saw this picture and was inspired and soooooo happy I didn’t get rid of them! I headed to Etsy to score some old temporary tattoos!

(photo via Where Did U Get that)

So you’ll see my shoes are pretty beat up. They had acrylic neon paint on them, which I removed with nail polish remover, but there are still some remnants of the neon paint plus some damage from the nail polish remover. I was bummed at first the painting left such a mark, but honestly, I kind of dig it with the tattoos!

diy tattooed shoes- 2

Some Tips on DIY Tattooed Shoes

  • This did NOT work well on black shoes. The colors just don’t show up very much. If you’re fine with that then get to it, but I was a bit bummed I couldn’t see the vibrant colors of these old school tattoos.
  • It took some trial and error to find the right timing, ultimately I needed to leave the tattoos on a little longer than you would applying a temporary tattoo on yourself—bout a minute or two longer.
  • Don’t tattoo the same area back to back. The tattoos didn’t take well when the area was damp, so go to a totally different area on your shoe or a different shoe and wait till areas are dry to apply.

Now that I know how to tattoo my shoes I can’t wait to do another one! I’m pretty sure these will wear well for a while, but I’m pretty excited for when they fade out so I can tattoo them all over again :).



    • Jamillah October 6, 2014 / 10:26 am

      Oooooo! I would love to see it :D.

  1. Jean of all Trades October 13, 2014 / 1:49 pm

    I love this idea! Yours turned out so well. Can I buy them from you? LOL! I’ll be sure to try this. I need to find the right shoes, but I do have a purse that might work…
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    • Jamillah October 14, 2014 / 8:38 am

      Hahahha, thanks Jean! I hope I get to see yours!!

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