Last Dip!! – Ethical Bikinis

(zinke- reese bandeau $44  georgia bottom $37)  I can not believe Labor Day is here! In the U.S. Labor Day is symbolically the end of Summer. Wahhhhhhhhh! We’ve had the most mild of Summers in NY, but hopefully this long weekend will give us a couple of nice summer days for a swim! So for the last summer dip (!), here are my picks for ethical bikinis! (top row l-r: nyla bikini $75.68 // loren top-$44 brazilian bottoms-$27 // beach riot-… View Post
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I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Hi friends! I’m in Iceland for the week! Yes, I know…again! But it’s the most magical place in the world and I needed to go back and may need to go back again even :). But while I’m away, please do enjoy some of the latest reasons why I hearted the internet. Loving this list of 10 things to at least do slightly better. How to wash lingerie so it lasts almost forever! 2014 definitely a year of houseguests for… View Post

What I Wore-Weekend Wear

Well, hi there friends! I fear you may have forgotten what I look like because I haven’t done an outfit post in so so long! I LOVE me a summer weekend in NY. Lots of people go away so it’s not as congested, ladies are wearing midriffs and summer dresses, men in their shorts and the city doesn’t feel as hurried as the work week pace.  It’s like everything is a little slower and relaxed. (hat-thrifted via cauz for pawz… View Post

Smile File- Warning

So a while ago I walked out to lunch with a coworker and a bumped into these wonderfully happy women dressed in purple and red (see moment on instagram :D) and my coworker exclaimed, “Cute! Like that poem!” and I had no idea what she was talking about. I got back to my desk and the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph was waiting in my inbox and I just fell in love with it. Something about the rhythm in the… View Post