Ethical and DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

ethical father's day gifts

Father’s Day is in a little over a week…but that’s just enough time to get an ethical gift for your dear papa or if you’re feeling crafty a sweet DIY for Father’s Day.

 Ethical Father’s Day Gifts

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  1. Ursa Major Dopp $25: I really love the shape of this travel bag, looks like it can be wedged into awkward suitcase spaces. The one pictured is $125 because it comes with all the goodies shown, but the pack alone is just $25 and you can fill it with all your dad’s fave travel things…bonus if you make it vacay related!
  2. You Earned It Bottle Opener $28: Pretty self explanatory, but couple it with your dad’s favorite brew makes for an extra sweet gift.
  3. Maroma Gift Set $20: Handsomely packaged fragrances for your handsome daddio :).
  4. Vinyl Record Jigsaw Puzzle $37: If your dad is a retro music kind of dad spend pair this gift with some quality time and listening to his favorite LP’s.
  5. Front Opening Toolbox $94: Genius toolbox, small conveniences make a big difference when doing handy work!
  6. Patron Condiment Dishes $17.50 Each:  Fill them with your dad’s fave guac recipe or salsa and have a little happy hour for him!
  7. Set of 4 Hand Blown Shot Glasses $26.99: Don’t forget a bottle of your dad’s favorite shot when gifting these!

DIY Father’s Day Gifts


  1. Spice Rub: If you or your dad is far from home send him your famous recipes in a jar to make.
  2. Embroidered Map: I’m in NYC, my brother is in San Francisco, my dad’s brother’s and sister are mostly still in Thailand and my daddy actually lives in Vienna—and my dad visits all of these places CONSTANTLY, which is amazing!! So I totally want to make him an embroidered world map that illustrates where his family is missing him.
  3. Shaped Photo Collage: The one pictured is totally a sweet heart shape, but you can make it really any shape you want.
  4. Embroidery Card: These are waaaaay cute! But again you can make it personal!
  5. Scrabble Frame: You can also have fun with this…make different shapes and words with Scrabble tiles for a more personal message.


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