Ethical Picks for the 4th-Red, White and Blue

With the 4th of July next Friday and the US playing on Tuesday in the World Cup, I thought no better time to pick out some ethical patriotic gear you can be proud to wear all summer long :). L-R : proud mary cap -$85 // alternative apparel flag dress-$102 // alternative apparel shirtdress-$112 // white charm bracelet-$15 // melissa heart flip flops-$55 // lace pants-$54 // blu marble bangles-$20 // white and blue clutch-$19 // chiapas bazaar blouse-$49 // mata traders… View Post
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Reader Request: Ethical Jeans

So this reader request comes from Christine and she’s looking for some ethical options for a staple in everyone’s wardrobe…jeans! Side note! I really believe in putting a little money into jeans, so like bathing suits this post maybe a little pricier than my normal roundups. But I just think good jeans will go a long way since it’s an item that truly is seasonless and timeless. Okay so now for some of my favorite brands in ethical jeans! You’ve… View Post

Good Habits: Cashew Nuts

I have to tell you I’m constantly in awe of the properties of food! My new mainstay is the cashew nut! I’ve been adding them in the salads I bring to lunch and in my blended concoctions and it has been changing my life! Health Benefits of Cashews Copper – Cashews are one of the best sources for dietary copper. Copper helps in the production of melanin that make the color of your hair and skin and connective tissues like elastin,… View Post

Ethical and DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is in a little over a week…but that’s just enough time to get an ethical gift for your dear papa or if you’re feeling crafty a sweet DIY for Father’s Day.  Ethical Father’s Day Gifts Ursa Major Dopp $25: I really love the shape of this travel bag, looks like it can be wedged into awkward suitcase spaces. The one pictured is $125 because it comes with all the goodies shown, but the pack alone is just $25… View Post

What I Wore-Back from Vacay

  Hi friends!! I am back from our vacation to Turks and Caicos and feeling very fresh :). You know most vacations I like to go out and see the world, but on this particular vacay literally all we did was relax and it was blissful. (sunglasses-tom’s available here // tunic-meg  // skirt-american apparel available here // bag-matt and nat //jewelry-gifted) My boo gave me this wonderful Giving Tree Necklace from Chandler the Robot. I LOVE LOVE it!! It was… View Post