I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Hi there friends!!! It is May…still a bite in the air but I had a beautiful weekend with my boo at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Hope you guys got to get outdoors too!

To start off your week here are some of the reasons that made me hear the internet this week. Enjoy!

  • Such a thoughtful approach on ways to break out of a style rut: “As a cartoon character you only get one outfit, but that single outfit perfectly represents the essence of you and your unique style. In a cartoon-version of your life, what would your exact look be from head to toe?” –OMG! I don’t know!!!

Lastly Because Mother’s Day is approaching this Sunday!

Mother’s Day From Made-To-Travel Archives:

My Fave Mother’s Day Posts Around the Web:



    • Jamillah May 5, 2014 / 7:17 pm

      sad but true story-i’m evidence to this fact-i’ve been hit by a car not once…but TWICE.

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