I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Hello friends! Happy Monday, I’m so excited because my vacation time is so very near!!! How was your weekend lovelies? Family, Game of Thrones, and quality time with my BF’s mama is how I spent mine. Now to start off your week please enjoy some reasons why I heart the internet. Above- you know how sometimes you’re wishing time would just move faster and at other times you’re hoping time would just slow for a second…well this video explains why… View Post

Ethical Swimwear: The One-Piece

So the bf and I are going on vacation in TWO SHORT WEEKS! YAY! We’re off to Turks and Caicos so swimwear has definitely been on my mind! Here are some faves in one-piece swimwear. All the bathing suits are made in the US :).  First Row (L-R): black standard one-piece (removable ruffle) $131 // española one-piece $147 // zebra print zip front $47 // janie one piece mint – $121 // nomra kamali collection $150 // Second Row (L-R):… View Post

Ha! I Made It! – DIY Lampshade

Pretty much all the lamps in my apartment are thrifted so the lampshades I own have seen their better days. But this is why I’m in a constant search for a DIY lampshade that won’t take up too much time/money or cause headache/failure, lol. I read this post on Vintage Revivals and it totally blew my mind! I’m embarrassed at how easy it is! All you really need are stockings and scissors. So voila! One lampshade down! The tights I used were a size S/M, and… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I Love

Hi there friends!!! It is May…still a bite in the air but I had a beautiful weekend with my boo at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Hope you guys got to get outdoors too! To start off your week here are some of the reasons that made me hear the internet this week. Enjoy!  Above- Amy Poehler rapping…LOVE. A reason why to eat your greens-chlorophyll is good for you! Great, great tips for grocery shopping for one. One of my fave… View Post

Ethical Gifts for Mother’s Day

How on earth did Mother’s Day sneak up on me!? Well if you want to get a treat for your special mama there are a ton of great ethical options for you! Left Column: Floral Robe- $72 : I love this pretty robe, feels like spring and robes always feel like a treat to me. One in a Million Sand Dollar Necklace-$58: I think most people think their mama’s one in a million…I am no exception :). Mother’s Nesting Necklace-$70-$79:  This… View Post