What I Wore-Double Scarfing

So in an effort to change up my outerwear this long long loooonnnnng winter I’ve been double scarfing. I like that it adds some different prints to my otherwise mostly unchanging winter staples. But under my coat is this great dress by Kowtow…I LOVE this fair trade brand so much and I was immediately smitten with the versatility of this shirt dress. hat-faire collection // coat-hessnatur (sad, sad, sad the us store not open any longer) // scarves – thrifted via… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links I love

Happy Monday, friends! Winter is sadly still here in NY! Another frigid morning…bahhhhhhhh! Well, hopefully you’re some place warmer while you enjoy reasons that made me hear the internet this week. Above- THIS VIDEO is the best! Found on Huffington Post Good News. Holy smokes!! How we made $1 million dollars– love seeing this list of very diverse women getting to the million dollar mark. Great advice on finding your passion–look at activities instead of a subject. While you wait… View Post

Good Habits-15 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

(ring available at Smiling Silver Smith here) Yesterday was the UN’s International Day of Happiness so in the spirit of that special day, here are 15 easy ways to make someone’s day! Truth is chances are by making someone’s day you’ll be making you’re own! Happiness is totally infectious! So let’s get to it! 1) If you know someone who’s out sick write them an email with a fun photo or GIF letting them know you miss them. (I did this… View Post

Made-To-Travel Newsletter

Hi friends! I know like me you’re probably inundated with emails, BUT(!) I did want to share with you that I’ve pumped up the Made-To-Travel Newsletter and I’m really happy/excited/stoked about it! There’s so much I want to share and a lot of that doesn’t always fit the content on Made-To-Travel. I also have really wanted to have a more meaningful, fuller, funner, more diverse Newsletter for you guys. So in addition to the round up of new posts from… View Post
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Ethical Spring Shoes

So I’m hoping winter is taking it’s very last breath so I can get into some Spring shoes! Let me tell you I am sooooo sick of wearing socks! I don’t know if I ever told you friends, but I really really don’t like wearing socks 🙄 . Here are some ethical spring shoes I would really love to slip into! left column: melissa doris special-$98 // jemimiah perforated boots-$99 // zahara green floral-$33.99 // mango silver shoes-$45 // right… View Post

Cats + Abs…You Are Welcome

Whaaaaat?! Cat + Abs = best video ever! Um yes very cute boys, yessss very cute abs and YES very cute kitties. DIES. This fun video is brought to you by Cosmopolitan.com to bring attention to the good and valuable work of the Humane Society of New York. Merlin, Tony and Henya (the cats, not the abs) are all available for adoption! The timing couldn’t be more perfect since the Humane Society has a convenient way for you to URGE… View Post
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What I Wore-Thrifted Leather on Leather

Over the weekend it got to a balmy 40 something degrees (uhg, Spring please come!) so I got to switch up my coat, which I was sadly so excited about. I bought this leather bubble coat (that turns into a vest!) at Salvation Army’s annual Winter Coat Sale, I read about this sale on Tales from the Thrift and it is the best thing ever! If you’re in NY you MUST go! I’m not super into matching, but I really loved… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links

  Happy Monday friends! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, I had a fantastic weekend…it was actually relaxing (yay!) and just spending time with the BF and friends and more importantly House of Cards Season 2…SO GOOD. Review of the week! : A Free Life by Ha Jin. I totally love this novel, A Free Life for me is a very grounded true picture of immigrant life in modern times and I love that the story is of a… View Post
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Here and There…Muir Woods, California

So friends, I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago visiting my awesome brother who just moved there. I’ve been to the Bay Area a million times, but I’ve never had enough time to go see the wonder that is Muir Woods and I was sooooo happy my bro and I had some time to explore this really magical place. I would definitely put Muir Woods in the HIGHLY recommended places to visit if you’re in the Bay… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links

(Actor Benedict Cumberbatch jumps behind U2 at the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California March 2, 2014.  REUTERS/Mike Blake ) My typical weekly review will have to be on hold because I neeeeeded to share my most favorite picture from last night’s red carpet. Man, as if I needed more reasons to love Benedict Cumberbatch :D. Now friends, enjoy some reasons why I’ve been hearting the internet. Since I thoroughly enjoyed the Oscars last night (go Ellen!), here is a… View Post