Crushing on…Stay Home Club

Oh man, I know it’s Super Bowl Sunday and it’s a party town here in NY because the big event is at our next door neighbor New Jersey this year, but seeeeeeriously seriously seriously, I just want to stay home. (Stay Home Club patch here) Hence me wanting so many things from Stay Home Club. If this was a real club I would totally apply for membership for at least this weekend. I hope I don’t sound too lame, but between… View Post
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Ethical Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Oh I loooooove Valentine’s day :D. Yeah, I realize this is a bit cheesy and also maybe I’ve totally bought into a Hallmark holiday, but I’m okay with all those things because I really enjoy hearts and can not hate on a day that is dedicated in the name of love and appreciating people. Here are some fab ethical gifts for your dude Valentine. Brushed Flannel Shirt w/ Waffle Lining – $61: I love that this shirt is great for… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links

(source meg’s facebook) Hello lovelies! Another start to a new week with another round of reasons I heart the internet so much. If you haven’t noticed, another new year’s resolution of mine is to post with more consistency on Made-To-Travel! I’m doing my best to keep this going :). Review of the week: Meg in the East Village – I LOVE THIS STORE SO MUCH. See me wearing Meg here, here, here, annnd here. Read my Yelp review HERE. Shop… View Post

Ha! I Made It! – DIY Cords and Cables Organizer

So like I said, I’m a bit on an organizing tip and my cord situation at my desk has been bugging me like crazy. Between iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Kindle, the bf’s Samsung phone and his kindle cords are out of control! I was inspired by this post on LifeHacker on storing cables using toilet paper tubes. I actually will probably do this for cords and cables that I don’t need all the time, but USB cords are something I use… View Post

Ethical Studs

So friends, because it is so brutally cold outside my usual ring situation definitely does not work. Frozen little digits are just not my style! Sooooo I’ve been obsessed with studs of all kind. I love that a little post earring can add sparkle or whimsy or edge, depending on how you feel. 1. Mini Shark – $90 // 2. Made Otoua Spike – $33.33 // 3. Pinwheels – $48 // 4. Piedritas –$33.05 // 5. Pink Pear Super Sparkler… View Post
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What I Wore – Floppy Hats and New Boots

So this winter I decided to expand my hat repertoire to include floppy hats and I am completely digging the practicality and the style so darn much! I like that a floppy hat lessens the frequency of my umbrella usage and also keeps the snow out of my eyes…yeah wide brim! I’ve been rocking this Faire Collection hat from Greenheart Shop all winter! (hat-faire collection via greenheart shop // coat-hessnatur (sadly no longer shipping to u.s.) // bag-jet korine (online… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Links

Friends, my gawsh so many good links to share!!! But first and foremost one of my new year’s resolutions is to start reviewing places frequently. I frequent and visit sooooo many awesome places and I use online reviews like a fiend, so I’m honestly a little embarrassed that I don’t do more. SOOOOO, new year’s resolution: write one review a week(!), and I’m making you all hold me to it! First review to kick of my new year’s resolution is…..Iceland… View Post
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New Year Reading

(print available from Fresh Word Market) Hiiiiii!!! I have missed you! Got back from Iceland last week then caught some terrible sickness over the weekend, so really just getting on my feet. So I have some definite goals for 2014! Some goals are really specific, some goals are more Good Habits I want to acquire and some goals are more abstract. Here is a bit of reading I’m doing to tackle 3 of my biggie goals. Facing Money I am… View Post

New Year’s Holiday

Dear friends, I’m on a short holiday to Iceland. This picture is from my afternoon today, lookinga at it i can’t believe I got to see this in real life. I swear Iceland is really magical, and I can’t think of a better place to spend the beginnig of a new year. Happy 2014!   Posted with Blogsy View Post