Consciously Trending…Sweatshirts and How to Wear Them

how to wear a sweatshirtI am in deep deep love with how sweatshirts are looking nowadays :). These lovelies along with the fall runways of 2013 of were all about taking the sweatshirt from lounge wear to street wear.

5 Ways How to Wear Sweatshirts (L-R)

Look 1 (image source): Pair with a flowy skirt. The key to the new twist on the easy wearing sweatshirt I feel is juxtaposition. The right sweatshirt adds a fresh take on a floor length maxi in a second.

Look 2 (image source):  Skinny jeans, a sweatshirt, a bit of sparkle, and most importantly some sexytown heels (preferably pointed toe) adds a little edge with a feminine touch to this simple ensemble.

Look 3 (image source): A circle skirt and a collared shirt underneath the sweatshirt is a genius way to make a sweatshirt super charming. I love the contrast between super lady and a little boyish.

Look 4 (image source): I can not stress how strongly I feel about a good pencil skirt! I love this outfit because the sweatshirt here really lightens up a very traditional, pencil skirt, denim jacket and traditional bag…it takes this outfit somewhere younger and cooler.

Look 5 (image source): And for maybe the bolder girl, patterned tights and some shorts are where it is at! I love the addition of the collar necklace in this outfit, it adds a bit of sweetness to this otherwise very urban outfit. Perfect touch.

So now that we have some ideas on how to wear a sweatshirt, let’s take a look at some ethical options.

ethical sweatshirtsTop Row: vintage blue southwest sweatshirt-$35 / bat sweatshirt$113 $48.10 / gray sweatshirt w. trim-$44 / over-sized flower sweatshirt-$29 / Bottom Row (l-r): black & white-$52 / striped sweatshirt-$44 / cutout sweatshirt-$65

And now we’ve gone consciously trending with the sweatshirt! So what do you think friends? Are you digging the look?



  1. Jenmarie October 9, 2013 / 3:09 pm

    I love the look of a sweatshirt and skirt! I’ve never tried it but I’m inspired now 🙂

  2. Sarah Von October 10, 2013 / 5:43 pm

    I seriously think I haven’t worn a sweatshirt in yeaaaars – but I love that green one paired with the blue necklace!

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