Seabuck Wonders Skincare Review

seabuck wonderFriends have you ever heard of sea-buckthorn?!  I honestly had not until the lovely folks at Seabuck Wonders contacted me to review their skin care products.

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Sea-buckthorn is a small berry that is packed with lots of things that are good for you, including about 15 times more vitamin C than an orange, the third highest source of vitamin E in the plant world, amino acids and way more (source).  You can read on about this little superfood HERE and watch this Dr. Oz segment on the sea buckthorn HERE.

seabuck wondersI was really excited to try out the Seabuck Wonders skincare line for a quite a few reasons! First and foremost Seabuck Wonders products are fair trade, certified USDA organic and cruelty-free, all super important for me. Secondly, I was eager to see what this sea-buckthorn could do for me!

***Notes about my skin! Everyone’s skin is a little different. So it’s important to take that in consideration with any review. My skin is super super sensitive, it also gets oily in the summer with some dry patches and then very dry during the winter. I also had the opportunity to test the products for about 2 months ****

Seabuck Wonders Facial Cream

The Good: I really do like this facial cream quite a bit. After a few weeks of use I did notice that the dry patches I usually get along with my oilier skin in the summer definitely felt more moisturized and my skin felt way more even. Seabuck Wonders Facial Cream is suuuuuuper moisturizing and a teeny weeny bit went a very long way with my skin.

The Not So Good: For the summer I think this facial cream is not great for my skin for everyday. While it’s great for my dry patches it made the oily parts of my skin a bit oilier over time. But I do think it will be GREAT in the winter when my skin is super dry and alternating moisturizers really did actually give me the best of both worlds.

Seabuck Wonders Deep Hydrating Serum

The Good: So I forgot to mention I have very mild rosacea (according to my dermatologist), once I started to add the Seabuck Wonders’ Deep Hydrating Serum in my skin routine I noticed the redness in my skin diminish and my overall skin coloring to be a bit more even over time (maybe like a month or so). And like the Seabuck Facial Cream the serum is super moisturizing. I really really love using the serum at night, it made my skin feel super great in the morning.

The Not So Good: Like the facial cream this is not a daytime product for me when the weather is warm. Similarly it does wonders for my dry patches, but isn’t so great for those darn oily spots. But the serum worked GREAT at night, the next day my skin felt great.

Seabuck Wonders Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

The Good: This is the big big winner for me in the Seabuck Wonders skincare line. I LOVE this cleanser! The teeny sediments that are used in this product as exfoliants are really gentle so unlike other exfoliating cleansers it doesn’t feel harsh for every day and it still leaves your skin feeling super smooth, clean and soft. I LOVE IT.

The Not So Good: Got no negatives for me on this guy :D! I mean really take a look at my bottle! I have been using it non-stop.

my seabuck wondersIf you have any questions on my experience with Seabuck Wonders products please feel free to email me! Also check out some of the other reviews HERE.

You can buy any of these products online HERE (prices range from $16.97-$34.97) or Seabuck Wonders’ products are could also be available at a natural / vitamin / health store near you! You can take a look if Seabuck Wonders is in your area HERE.


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