Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gift-Custom Room Fragrance

spray1(source: Design Sponge)

Hi friends! So my daddy happens to be in town for Father’s Day, quite rare occurrence for me since he lives an ocean away. He’s not a man of many things, so it’s always a challenge to get him something.

Thank you Design Sponge for the brilliant idea of natural room spritz! Since my daddy lives quite far from me and smell is such a powerful sense for memory, I thought it would be nice to give my daddy 3 room fragrances that could remind him of me, my brother and him.

I happen to already have most of the ingredients needed for the fragrance, but most if not all of these things are really super easy to get your hands on.


(distilled/spring water not shown-sorry! I totally forgot to put it in the shot)

I pretty much followed the Design Sponge instructions except I lowered the vodka amount to about 1/2 a cup instead of the 3/4 cup. To me it smelled very vodka like with the 3/4 cup, even though vodka is suppose to be odorless, I have a bit of a keen nose for vodka because it is my liquor of choice.

The other thing I did was make my own funnel with a scrap of plastic packaging. This is totally a trick from my boo, who McGyvered a funnel once for me. Totally easy to make your own funnel!

Having the funnel makes it much easier to get your ingredients into the bottle, so I would highly recommend you either using one you have or make a handy DIY funnel like mine. Here are some other tips I would add to the great Design Sponge tutorial.

  • Mix your oils and vodka in a bowl, then put in spray bottle and top off with distilled or spring water. I found whisking the essential oils and vodka first worked way better than putting the oils and the vodka in the bottle directly.
  • Play with the scents! Some scents like Rosemary are energetic others like Neroli are calming. So pick a mood, see what you like and don’t be afraid to create. I combined scents to my own liking.
  • Be sure to wash anything you used for essential oils thoroughly! Most essential oils are not meant to be ingested so be sure to clean! clean! clean! the items you use. I am actually super paranoid about this so have decided to just dedicate the bowl I used for essential oils only.

fragrance recipesP.S. I don’t know if recipes is the right word for fragrances (tee hee), but I couldn’t think of a more apt word!

Here are the 3 different scents I made for Father’s Day: one that represents my brother, me and my daddy.

My Fragrance: zesty, energetic, citrusy, with sweet finish-essential oils used: neroli * lemon * tangerine * bergamot

My Brother’s Fragrance: woody, masculine, energetic-essential oils used: neroli * pine * rosemary * bergamot

Daddy’s Fragrance: masculine, piny, earthy, with zesty finish-essential oils used: neroli * pine * rosemary * bergamot * lemon

You’ll notice that almost all of the essential oils repeat themselves. Since we’re all related and similar in a lot of ways I wanted our scents to have notes that are related, but then have very strong characteristics on their own, much like how we are in real life :).

So what are you guys doing for your dad on Father’s Day?



  1. FASHION TALES June 18, 2013 / 4:31 pm

    I love custom fragrances! Using essential oils are my favourite, I use rosemary and lavender a lot! Great post J! Hope you enjoyed your Father’s day! xx/Madison

  2. Diana Mieczan June 19, 2013 / 11:54 am

    That is such a sweet idea:) I am totally bookmarking it. Muah, darling
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    • Jamillah July 2, 2013 / 3:01 pm

      Oh you don’t need to use a filter or funnel! I used the funnel b/c I’m clumsy! It’s much easier to pour the fragrance in the storage bottle thru a funnel.

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