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Happy Friday! I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend, I know I am!

Great deals are definitely one reason I heart the internet and I find so many great ethical deals while I research during the week that just don’t make it onto made-to-travel and I found this quite a pity. So I’m going to try including an Ethical Deal of the Week alongside my link roundup; aka I Heart the Internet.

Please enjoy!

  • Fashion trends you can thrift right now.
  • Love this article on Barack Obama, the editor. Here are his handwritten markups on his Inaugural Address.
  • This is brilliant, have you ever bought makeup from etsy?! I think it’s a pretty brilliant way to buy independent and know what’s in your makeup!
  • I love space so I these THESE!
  • Lastly, below- holy holy smokes we are living in the future! 3D printing pen!- I am amazed!

(video source)

Let me know if you like this Ethical Deal of the Week situation. Have a beautiful weekend, friends!


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