My Fave Halloween Costumes of 2012

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Like I mentioned friends, I love me some Halloween and so I can’t let this day pass without showing you my 3 favorite costumes across this great wide internet. Snap if you wanna see em’!   Okay then! Please let me introduce you to….   TINY EINSTEIN VINCENT VAN GOGH SELF-PORTRAIT CHEWBACCA   I know it’s been a crazy week, but I hope you can makes some time for some fun and give what you can to those… View Post

Hurricane Sandy Relief

So I had pre-scheduled my post this afternoon over the weekend, before Superstorm Sandy came in and devastated the east coast, leaving millions without power, thousands and thousands of people homeless, and leaving my favorite place on earth in darkness. I am fine and am blessed with my 2 favorite boys on the planet (brother & boyfriend) who made sure I was taken care of and after a bit of running around I’m now typing in the safety of my… View Post

I’m in Belgium!!! :D

I’m in Belgium! Sadly not in real life, but honestly the next best thing!! I was really thrilled when Flair Magazine contacted me to be in their September Issue feature on Pom Pom Necklaces. Above is the feature online and OMG! Also print :). Flair contacted me because of my pom pom necklace DIY HERE, but Flair’s DIY is pretty darn rad and I recommend you checking that out HERE! View Post

I Heart the Internet

Words for Your Week: “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” George Burns, found here. Hi friends, I thought his quote particularly awesome for the week of Halloween. I am a big fan of Halloween, I love the creativity and the sheer fun of being something else…and I hope I never outgrow it! Now please enjoy some reasons I hearted the internet. Above, I gave you some costume ideas in the Halloween Goodwill Challenge, but… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits-Tips to Get Things Done!

Hi friends! So in this edition of Fall Into Good Habits, I want to share a couple of tricks I have on getting things done. My mind naturally wanders and with family, working full-time, boyfriend, friends and writing made-to-travel, I’ve had to find a way to get into the habit of managing my time effectively while keeping my sanity! On some weeks one thing takes over and on other weeks I see myself slipping into my wandering ways, but when… View Post

Thrifting Your Costume -The Goodwill NY/NJ Halloween Challenge

Hi friends! You know that I’m a huge crazytown fan of Goodwill! Goodwill is by far one of my favorite places to shop (evidence, evidence), but more importantly I really admire the tremendous good they do in the communities they serve (evidence, evidence). So what is the Goodwill Halloween Challenge?- Find items for your costume for under $30 at any local Goodwill. I LOVE Halloween and love Goodwill so this was really a project made in heaven :). (photo sources:… View Post

Smile File-On Joy :)

(photo found on pinterest here, text added by me) Thank you Cassee for sharing this quote by Anne Lamott. I LOVE it. Now, time for me to spread a little joy :D! Thank you everyone who participated in the Fall Fashionista Giveaway, there was a lot of great feedback and again these are really meaningful and important questions for me and my sponsors so thank you for being so thoughtful. a Rafflecopter giveaway BIG BIG CONGRATS to Shannon A. You… View Post

Fall Into Good Habits-My First Cleanse!: Kaeng Raeng Cleanse Review

I’ve always been a bit wary of cleanses. I do like the idea of being really thoughtful about what’s going in your body and kind of cleansing your system, however I’ve heard stories of just straight misery on cleanses and I felt like I don’t have the time to be miserable! But then along came an email from the people at Kaeng Raeng. A few things appealed to me about this cleanse. Kaeng Raeng is vegan, all natural, made in… View Post

Consciously Trending-Colorful Scarf

(photo source: harper’s bazaar here) I saw this little vignette in Harper’s Bazaar this past September and immediately ripped it out, for you my friends! I feel fall and winter gear tends to be on the neutral/dark/gray side so the addition of a colorful scarf in a soft fabric makes for a really fresh juxtaposition. There are tons of ethical options for this trend that are friendly to your wallet as well :). Here are my picks! If you’re feeling… View Post

Fall Fashionista Giveaway-Biggest Giveaway Event EVER :)

Hi Friends!!! I told you on Tuesday to mark them calendars because today is going to be a banner day! Well, let me welcome you to the semi-annual Fashionista Events, All Fashion, Only Fashion Giveaway Event. This is the largest fashion giveaway event on the internet, 115+ blogs offering over $20,000 in prizes Hosted by Still Blonde after all these Years and Modly Chic, with co-host K Squared Glamour. The Grand Prize for the Event is a $1200 (retail) Louis… View Post

Smile File- AWESOME Gif

  You know I love a wonderful GIF friends (evidence, evidence and evidence lol)…JT Yeang is the incredible artist behind this truly AWESOME gif titled, “Meet Me on the Hill” that made me smile ear to ear. It’s so sweet, but also dark, and modern but really reminds me of beautiful wrought iron work from ages ago. Can we pleeease take a look at the details on this masterpiece!?   People are so flipping great! Found on MAKE here. Well… View Post

Ethical Shopping 101: Small Steps to Being a More Conscious Consumer

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing the process that has helped me become a conscious consumer with this Ethical Shopping 101. If you’ve just started to think of shopping ethically you may feel a little daunted about how to start and what to do! And hopefully this installment of Good Habits will help you on your way. It is massively important that you know I’m not perfect (shocking)! This is the method that works for me and my values and honestly… View Post

What I Wore-Plus Rockin’ My 90’s Side Part

So I got a tad bored with my hair the other day and decided to try a deep side part. I know not super dramatic, but a different part is an easy way to change up your hairstyle…and I like easy! So as I’m thumbing through pictures of this outfit to share with you, it dawned on me my deep side part is totally reminiscent of fashion icon of the 90’s, Tiffani Thiessen as Miss Kelly Kapowski  of Saved by… View Post