Fall Into Good Habits-Eat Your Veggies!

  Voilá friends! The first installment of Fall Into Good Habits– “Eat Your Veggies”! I am so so happy to introduce you to one of my most favorite people on the internet and the root of Fall Into Good Habits my dear friend Jenn, the wonderful writer of my favorite food blog-Peas & Crayons! (above posts: keep calm and eat veggies; cranberry curry quinoa w/ roasted veggies; fridge pickled curry jalapeños; rock out w/ your guac out; spinach dip w/… View Post

Crushing On…Salt Labs

  I am dying in love with these graphic map pillow cases from Salt Labs available at Poppytalk Handmade. They are just so modern but still really happy and bold, I kind of want all of them.       Sigh, if only I had the budget for a couch full of maps… View Post

I Heart the Internet

Words for Your Week: “Take your pleasure seriously.” Charles Eames found here. In the spirit of this great quote from Charles Eames, I decided to take my pleasure (YOU!) a little more seriously and do a big redesign of made-to-travel. I really do love the new layout and hope you all love it too! Now please enjoy my hearted links from last week. Above, Sephora joins tumblr. Human kaleidoscope, GORGEOUS with no gimmicks, no camera tricks or editing tricks…just human… View Post

What I Wore-Buh Bye Summer

Eep! It has actually felt like summer’s last days for about 2 weeks here in NY. While the summer brings sweltering heat I still miss it when it leaves. If you live in this beautiful city you know that NY has very different personalities with the seasons and summer’s personality to me is definitely relaxed like the city is taking a deep exhale. It’s just too hot to walk super fast, the city empties out on the weekends and all… View Post

Some Highlights from Last Week

Hello my lovely friends, so last week was Fashion Week and now that it has come and gone I wanted to share my 2 fave moments of the week. First off the kickoff of Fashion Week, Fashion Night Out. If you have not experienced the full on frenzy that is Fashion Night Out in NY I would recommend you frolic and have a great experience. But because I’ve really done FNO to the max in the past and am a… View Post

Back to School! – Ethical Messenger Bags

So friends, I had a request from the sharp dressing, well-traveled Kionon for ethical messenger bags and I had to oblige. My BF is actually excited because I haven’t really done something that included the fellas in a long while, so thank you so much Kion for suggesting it! For Him… Mission Workshop makes very true messenger bags (above is The Shed) with tons of cool features. They are all weather proof and made to easily swing on and off… View Post

I Heart the Internet

Words for Your Week: “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself… Aloud” Coco Chanel found here Oh Madame Chanel…such wisdom. Friends, we are in the midst of fashion week and I hope you are enjoying all the promises of Spring/Summer 2013. There is loads of eye candy to go around and plenty of places for your to see it, but I just needed to share one little bit of S/S ’13 with you. MARA HOFFMAN! Man, do… View Post

What I Wore-Flower Pants

I wish I  took a million pictures of these faaaaaabulous pants I bought at Goodwill! Alas I was late for work and rushing to get out of the apartment and so my friends, I only have two images to show you. But I do have a fun consilation…. So I wore these fun pants to dinner with some friends and my clever friend Vicky pointed out that they are so totally Blanche from Golden Girls which I wholeheartedly agree with… View Post

I Heart the Internet

Words for Your Week: “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”Art Williams found here. Hello friends! This quote from Art Williams reminds me that everything worth anything is going to involve work…so if I want it I better work for it! Now please dear readers enjoy some of the reasons I hearted the internet last week. Above- These cool raindrops are just one of the super creative hook designs… View Post

Woah It’s September!

In one word my August was joyful :). Like really my cup runneth ova’ with so much joy. From one of my besties getting married, to things working out at my job, to some cool things that happened thru this blog I just feel like August was a super red banner month for me and I’m so super grateful. I think it’s just amazing how things can change. I was really in a different place last summer, I mean not… View Post