What I Wore…Lugging Around

Hi there friends…so this is what I typically look like on a Thursday morning. (backpack-baggu; purse-matt & nat; jacket-thrifted via buffalo exchange; dress-keiko lynn via blogger closet raid; shoes-thrifted via cauz for pawz; scarf-homemade by my aunt for x-mas :D) I work from home on Wednesdays so every Thursday morning I’m lugging around extra things back to the office. You might recognize baggu from a guest post I did on ethical backpacks on The Loudmouth. This baggu backpack is totally… View Post

Smile File-Aimee Mullins

love me a good podcast  and one of my most favorite podcasts is The Moth; The Moth is a series of true stories told live without notes. As I was rummaging thru episodes I missed I came across a story told and lived by athlete, actress, advocate and model–Aimee Mullins. I totally found myself crying and laughing as did Mullins while she retold her story. Born without fibula bones Mullins’ legs were amputated from the knee when she was just… View Post

I Heart the Interent

Hi friends! Can you believe we are nearing the end of March?!? I swear I have no idea how this happened. To start this LAST week in March (eep!) here are some reasons I hearted the internet last week. Above-H&M’s conscious red carpet ready collection is delicious. There apparently could be a correlation between the number of Facebook friends you have and your real life happiness…and it’s not a good one. Wonderful apps to help you eat a little better.… View Post

Happy Spring with HappyScarf Giveaway!

This giveaway is closed! Thank you so much! Hello dear friends! I have a wonderful giveaway just in time for Spring! The wonderful people at HappyScarf decided to share a bit of their Spring collection with me and dears it is fantastic! If you didn’t get to read about HappyScarf their first time around on made-to-travel I recommend you get to know them by going to the post HERE. I got to choose 2 scarves from HappyScarf’s Spring options and… View Post

Smile File-¡Hola!

  Gawsh, people are so flipping amazing! Seriously… I had to do a double take when I saw this guy…how cool, no? I mean it’s a real bag!!! Made me smile this morning. Bags made by ¡Hola! available on Fab.com…if you are not on Fab, please get on it right through my link HERE. If only for the design feast. Have a wonderful Friday! View Post

What I Wore-Helllloooooo Spring!

You know I haven’t done a real true straight up outfit post in a long while and since Spring has officially sprung in NY (actually unofficially sprung quite early this season) I think there is no better time for an outfit post. These pics were taken last week. I got out of work early for a change and it was a balmy 74 degrees in NY at 5:30 in the evening :). This is the face I make with that… View Post

I Heart the Internet-Laugh a Little

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.”Kurt Vonnegut Hello dear friends, I hope your week has started out bright! Here are some reasons I heart the internet, dearies. Above, I DIE for the new pieces of Afia. There is something so daring about the prints this time around and I think it’s just great. I love super realistic paintings. I am just truly fascinated… View Post

Smile File-New Name that Frog!

Okay so I think this is super raaad…new frog species discovered right in NYC baby!!!   It took 4 years to declare this little guy a new kind of leopard frog species. A little slice of nature discovery just for us New Yorkers :D! Pretty awesome, no? A tad more awesome than the Brooklyn Bee in my opinion. This little city dweller has no name yet, but check out some of the fun suggestions HERE and add your own! (Story… View Post

Jeffrey Campbell Eco Collection :)….Just in time for Spring!

Jeffrey Campbell is what I consider to be the darling of fashion bloggers and just straight up fashion lovers because of the fresh and fun designs that give a little nod to the glamor and boho style of the 70’s. Well friends, I’m happy to share that just in time for Spring this innovative and beloved shoe designer has started an eco collection :D.   Right?!?! Ahhhh-maaazzzzing! I kind of die for the whole collection. Soooo here are some more… View Post

I Heart the Internet…IFB

Hi friends last week ended with a cherry on top because my post about Real Rosies made it to IFB Links á la Mode. I have to tell you I really love that post and it makes me happy that more people are reading about Real Rosies. I love that this edition of Links á la Mode has the usual fashion awesomeness but also a lot of posts celebrating Women’s History Month. So please enjoy! And happy week! MAN, I… View Post

Getting Pretty with DAHLiiA

Last month I went to the Lulu’s Style Studio event with some darling ladies: Katy, Alex and Nnenna (you can see their recaps here, here, and here) and I was surprised and really happy to see so many natural beauty products at the event! The brand that caught my attention in a real way was DAHLiiA and I was really thrilled that Dahlia (the beautiful founder) gave me a sample of the Starlight Silver to take home. Now friends you… View Post

Consciously Trending-Red Blazer

I had been searching and searching for a red blazer since fall! For me the right red blazer can look really sharp and something about it is really classic while being quite bold…and I found a fantastic one! I scored this red blazer at Housing Works for a steal :). My new red friend had shoulder pads (why! oh why!) but I removed the shoulder pads and instantly this blazer had a modern boyfriend fit. Also, please pardon the dark… View Post

I Heart the Internet

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I just wish I realized it sooner.” Collette Happy Monday friends! Just a little reminder to be happy and remember your life is wonderful and special from Collette. Now friends, reasons I hearted the internet last week. Above, wonderful images from Holi-the festival of colors. Ha! LOVE THIS-Don Draper school of boys you should avoid. Mmmhmmm, yummy butter recipes. Check out all the celebrities wearing green options at the Academy Awards. Mayor Bloomberg goes… View Post