I <3 the Internet

I had a fantastic long weekend in Boston and I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Here are some hearted links to start your week off.

Above, SOKO, a fantastic fair trade manufacturer in Kenya (see my post on ASOS Africa made by SOKO here and here) are working on Choolips Spring/Summer 2012. Any love for SOKO makes me happy.

LOVING pretzel braid! Yes it’s different than the milkmaid.

You know I’m a super geek, right!??! So this slideshow of grownup Star Wars bedding totally tickled me!

This post on Sex and the City imagined today had me thinking: Is there a representation of modern women relationships in TV anymore?? Best point in the article for me was the trend notice of Mad Men, Playboy Club, and Pan Am– “It’s easier to discuss sexism and other social issues retrospectively; it’s more difficult to capture the complexity of women’s lives as they unfold in the moment.”

The blogger idol that is Christina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly did a quiet post with a single candle for her brother on what would’ve been his 22nd birthday. I had never read The Year Without My Brother post from last year but since I am so close to my own brother I couldn’t help but take a look back and read every word with tears in my eyes. It really is the most touching and personal and eloquent post. I know I could never write this.

And because I want to leave you with something beautiful friends, I give you “Alys-Lower East Side” from the Ballerina Project.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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