I <3 the Internet

I had a fantastic long weekend in Boston and I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Here are some hearted links to start your week off.

Above, SOKO, a fantastic fair trade manufacturer in Kenya (see my post on ASOS Africa made by SOKO here and here) are working on Choolips Spring/Summer 2012. Any love for SOKO makes me happy.

LOVING pretzel braid! Yes it’s different than the milkmaid.

You know I’m a super geek, right!??! So this slideshow of grownup Star Wars bedding totally tickled me!

This post on Sex and the City imagined today had me thinking: Is there a representation of modern women relationships in TV anymore?? Best point in the article for me was the trend notice of Mad Men, Playboy Club, and Pan Am- “It’s easier to discuss sexism and other social issues retrospectively; it’s more difficult to capture the complexity of women’s lives as they unfold in the moment.”

The blogger idol that is Christina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly did a quiet post with a single candle for her brother on what would’ve been his 22nd birthday. I had never read The Year Without My Brother post from last year but since I am so close to my own brother I couldn’t help but take a look back and read every word with tears in my eyes. It really is the most touching and personal and eloquent post. I know I could never write this.

And because I want to leave you with something beautiful friends, I give you “Alys-Lower East Side” from the Ballerina Project.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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