Smile File-The Levitating Girl

Um, I got a little obsessed with flipping through Natsumi Hayashi’s website. This gorgeous girl is making herself levitate through images. In an interview with MY MODERN MET when asked why she took on this series Hayashi says, “We are all surrounded by social stress as we are bound by the forces of earth’s gravity…So, I hope that people feel something like an instant release from their stressful days by seeing my levitation photos.” (source) How sweet is that? I… View Post

What I Wore-Corporate to Casual

When I started interviewing for new jobs I had a little bit of a dilemma. My current job was soooooo casual that to walk in with something remotely looking business kind of makes things look obvious.  And while my employer knew I was looking for other work I really didn’t want to look out of place. So this is how I took my interview outfit and made it casual. First off my interview outfit.   I always choose a dress… View Post

I <3 the Internet

I had a fantastic long weekend in Boston and I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Here are some hearted links to start your week off. Above, SOKO, a fantastic fair trade manufacturer in Kenya (see my post on ASOS Africa made by SOKO here and here) are working on Choolips Spring/Summer 2012. Any love for SOKO makes me happy. LOVING pretzel braid! Yes it’s different than the milkmaid. You know I’m a super geek, right!??! So this slideshow… View Post

Smile File-Hi Boston! You’re Cute!

Boston Warehouse makes maybe the cutest kitchen & home accessories ever! And Because I am at this moment visiting and enjoying the lovely city of Boston  this cutie company popped into my head for your smile file for today :). Here are some of my favorites. L-R: ice cream scooper, corkscrew, scrub brush, cheese grate How adorable are they?!?! You could feasibly have a kitchen full of charming little tools! L-R mini sweeper, dish brush, can opener   I find… View Post

Shop for MORE-Free the Nations

I am soooooo excited to share with you the amazing Shop for MORE this week!!! You’ve actually had a little peek at their wonderful goods as I was obsessed with my latest purchase from them, but I would like you to formally meet. Friends I’d like to introduce you to the gorgeous jewelry of free the nations.   I have no idea why I did not know of this beautiful shop and I was delighted when Sarah Hale founder of… View Post

What I Wore-Going Gatsby

The charm of New York NEVER ends I tell you! The 6th bi-annual Jazz Age Lawn Party was held a few weeks ago on Governors Island and I was happy to attend with some lovely peeps. When I think of the 20’s I think of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The description of  the elite life in Long Island with dreamy white lace dresses á la Mia Farrow in the film version with Robert Redford (hubba hubba). I… View Post

I <3 the Internet

Learn style lessons from the boldly awesome Lady Gaga. This is a fantastic post on personal style. “Coveting a celebrity’s body might mean taking on their distorted body image as well…” well ain’t that something to think about. You need to read this post! This suuuuper easy diy is driving me straight to the craft store for gold spray paint. I’m a big people pleaser who is slowly learning how to say NO to people. Quite honestly it’s constant learning… View Post

What I Wore-Outfit Flurry!

Hi friends! I present my outfit flurry! Last week was pretty much a blur of activity and I thought best to sum up everything in one post for you. I gave you a sneak peek of my outfit for the Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Conference well here is the whole shebang :D. jacket-thrifted via goodwill; dress-thrifted via out of the closet; boots-urban outfitters; ring-made her think; necklace-free the nations It was rainy  hence the jacket and boots (gawsh! can’t believe I’m… View Post

Smile File-Home Sweet Home :)

Hello friends, I’ve been a little out of touch so thought it would be good to bring you a wee bit closer to me by showing you a really important part of my home…specifically where I write to all you lovely readers-my office! I recently rearranged my apartment to accommodate the new beautiful screen courtesy of the BF and I’m just so happy with it. Ever piece of furniture minus the bookshelves is thrifted. I am suuuuper particular with what… View Post

Remembering 9/11

I honestly can not believe it’s been 10 years. It’s an impossible feat to try to remember what 9/11 and the days after felt like and I don’t want to try to relive it. I haven’t watched the news all week because it’s been flooded with imagery from this horrific day and stories that are too crushing to hear. The above image is of the 9/11 Memorial Fountain designed by Michael Aradand landscape architect Peter Walker titled Remembering Absence, it… View Post

Consider Me Lovely

Friends, this week has gone by in a flash! But I didn’t want the week to whiz by without mentioning the wonderful feature I took part in. This dears is the wonderful Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely. Rocquelle runs an inspiring feature on her blog called Your Body Is Fabulous. She features women of all shapes and sizes and asks them: Why is your body fabulous? Well this week she asked me! I am so honored to appear next to… View Post

IFB Conference

Hi Friends so today is the Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Conference. I’m suuuuuper excited to meet the other bloggers and here’s a little sneak peek to what I’m wearing. You all know I love IFB! They provide so much useful information and I’m hoping work doesn’t interrupt my day too much so I can soak up all the knowledge I can. In case you want to virtually join us at the conference IFB provided a link to all the attendees to… View Post

I <3 The Internet

Hi friends! I have not done I <3 the Internet in a while and it’s mostly because I was rethinking this feature. I originally had it very visually oriented but my reading habits on the interweb is much more various than that hence changing it up a bit ;). (Noelani reveals her gorgeous tattoo) My new obsession is browsing thanks to darling friend Marissa. Fashion as art is an idea I really believe in so this post by Bere… View Post