Shop for MORE-Guest Post on The Loudmouth Lifestyle

I did a post on Steph’s blog The Loudmouth Lifestyle on some practical ethical accessories for my bestest friend…my laptop. Friends! Please don’t judge me!!! This is what I use to drag my laptop around (shame face). Yes, that is a towel wrapped around my laptop(!) and my other option is my bro’s old laptop case from his college years. Le sigh, I know it’s a shame!!! Since I’ve started blogging my laptop has been an essential travel companion, so… View Post

FTF Blog Event-Inspiration NY

I know I’ve told you how much I love love love living in Manhattan and as a forewarning this will probably not be the last time I do a little ode to my home. But I just finished reading Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids and all I could think of for Kristy Eléna’s call of inspiration for this month’s FTF Event is the place I call home, NYC. As I was reading Just Kids I kept thinking of New York… View Post