Fathers Day Finds at Miss Malaprop

So Father’s day is nearing, friends. How that happened, I do NOT know! So it is no accident that my Shop for MORE feature this week has wonderful options for the daddies that make the world go round.

Mallory Whitfield is the wonderful woman behind Miss Malaprop and I can not tell you how thrilled I am to feature her shop here. Long before I was blogging I was an avid blog reader and I have loved Mallory’s blog for years. I in fact still have a post she did on sustainable Christmas Gifts in 2009 still saved on my reader.

In 2010 Mallory opened Miss Malaprop and filled it with her love of independent, local, eco-friendly artists-yep, all really good things. She lives in beautiful New Orleans and her love of supporting her local eco-minded artist is something I can really get behind.

These are my favorite Fathers Day picks from Mallory’s shop Miss Malaprop.

All images linked to items for easy purchase so clicky, clicky ;).

I haven’t really seen a line of bath products for men that is ec0-friendly, getting stellar reviews, and packaged for a man until these soaps from Sweet Olive Soap Works over at Miss Malaprop.

Don’t let the gray coloring and skull scare you! The scent is oakmoss and sandal wood the activated charcoal give the soap color while drawing toxins from the skin. No reason our men should be smelling like dial ;).

And I know a lot of new daddies who would LOVE these fun gifts!

Wallets made by Tinymeats (looove that name!).

Handmade wall clocks with original stencils made with recycled vinyl records by Art by Mags. I bought one! I bought the resist guy for my brother’s new place :).

Ok, soooo I know I was shopping for my dad and broski but I couldn’t help wander over to the lady section and scope out things for myself…doh! A tad masochistic because of shopping ban. But here are the items I am wanting!

In Miss Malaprop Mallory has curated a shop that is full of charm and wonderful things for you and your “uncommon life”. I mean really, why don’t I own a wine coaster with stopper set already!? So wonderful!

This friends, is Mallory Whitfield rockin’ a FEMA bag made by her for an Etsy upcycling design contest.

“My goal is to be a conscious consumer. Wherever possible when I buy something, I want to know where it came from, who made it, how it was made, and what it is made from.” Miss Malaprop about page.

And let me tell you buying through her shop you really feel great about the purchase. Mallory has really fun taste, super detailed product descriptions and stellar customer service (I’m a customer! I can report that!).

This is the other item I bought from Miss Malaprop…for my dad not for me!

These soaps are kind of amazing they also come with a little keepsake and the purchase goes to benefit organizations aiding to clean up the BP oil spill. Learn more about them on Mallory’s blog HERE.

So go visit Miss Malaprop and find unique fun for you and for the people in your beautiful life. Mallory has taken her entrepreneur know-how to make a beautiful store and I encourage you to follow her in every way possible!

Mallory’s blog HERE; twitter HERE; facebook HERE.

Happy shopping for MORE friends!

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