The Compassion Fashion Project

There are a million reasons why bloggers blog and they are all valid and wonderful in their own right, but I would like to draw your attention to Meredith Corning’s intentions with The Compassion Fashion Project.

“The objective of The Compassion Fashion Project is to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence and promote the healing process for the victims through providing fashionable clothing, especially professional attire, accessories, and personal care products…Our mission is to be a fixture in the community that is a guiding force of empowerment to women needing a helping hand.”

Because of Meredith’s passion for helping survivors of domestic violence The Compassion Fashion Project (CFP) continues to grow and grow.

CFP continues to add more amazing artist to contribute to their boutique where 100% of the net proceeds go to their cause.

“The CFP has filtered donations to Hope Cottage (Searcy, Arkansas), promoted the Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas’ (Conway, Arkansas) “broken china” jewelry, and ran a campaign at Christmas 2010 to send donations to the Dorcas House (Little Rock, Arkansas).  We currently have over 1000 hand-made slippers being produced by the non-profit, Pink Slipper Project, that will be filtered through The CFP and distributed to Hope Cottage, the Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas, and the Dorcas House.”

And now Meredith along with Little Rock Fashion Week and THINK Magazine is helping a wonderful cause called Little Dresses for Africa.

Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit organization that create simple dresses made out of pillow cases and are then distributed through orphanages, churches and schools in Africa to show these little girls, people care and they have worth.

I can remember when Meredith was just in talks with Little Dresses for Africa and the fact that her she is now partnering with Little Rock Fashion Week to help this cause is another testament to her dedication to make this world better.

She was able to get a wonderful guest for Divas Dressing Darling: Korto Momolu-Briggs!

I loooovoved Korto in Project Runway!!!

So if you are in the Little Rock area I highly recommend attending Divas Dressing Darlings. It really is a labor of love of by an extraordinary woman with the best intentions.

Oh friend I am so proud!!! This dears, is Meredith Corning founder of The Compassion Fashion Project.

If you are a survivor of domestic violence and would like to share your story or need help and a kind friend, get in touch with Meredith and The CFP (contact info HERE). She is really a beautiful person and her ability to provide support and care to women is extraordinary.

Keep track of all the good CFP does by following their blog HERE; following their twitter HERE; or liking their facebook HERE.