Spring Showers

It has been gray and raining all week in NY and while I know that this is part of Spring and it will make the grass so green I still wish I could be like this girl.

Image via FFFOUND.

But in reality I need umbrellas. I am a BIG believer in good umbrellas. I started carrying quality umbrellas in college and it makes a difference. I have not had an umbrella flip on me in years!! YEARS! And that makes me happy.

There are all kinds of fantastic umbrellas but my 2 personal favorites are these guys.

1. Button Open/ Button Close

LIFE CHANGER, and I’m not kidding. When I first discovered button open/button close umbrellas I got them for everyone. It is the best not to have to fiddle with folding down the umbrella when you’re digging for your keys or trying to get your metrocard to get on the bus. All I need to do is press a button and poof(!) umbrella collapses. Brilliant!


I got my first bubble umbrella in January and I am sooooo happy with it. Yes, they are a little cumbersome to carry around if it’s not raining at the moment, but nothing beats them in the wind. I was using my bubble umbrella in this crazy storm a few weeks back; the wind was insane, the trashcans filled with upturned and broken umbrellas and my bubble was a FORT! Amazing. GET ONE!

This is my bubble.

He’s a cutie and so sturdy. Bought on sale from echo design.

Here are some fun umbrellas for your Spring showers.

(P.S-I’ve had a crush on the cloud MOMA umbrella for a million years. Had to include it!)
Stay dry friends!