I <3 the Internet-Technology, Spring & Snacks

Faves from my reader. All images are linked to their sources, I encourage exploring. I would have loved to celebrate my birthday like this: Spotted on Cup of Jo, Dinner in the Sky…ok, so my mom would kill me if I made her do this for my b’day but it is a dream. Mmmmhmmm…I must have stared at this gorgeous image for 5 minutes. This girl crush spotted on the Q. Project. New Tumblr discovery-Access Main Computer Remember this guy!?!… View Post
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What I Wore-Birthday Week, Day 1

So friends tomorrow is my birthday and drum roll please….I will be 29! Can I tell you I’m so stoked to be 29?! I feel pretty darn great and super lucky to live the life I live. I know I’m inching to 30 and I guess I should be freaking out, but I’m not. I’m really excited to turn 30 next year. I just feel like I’ve been in my 20’s for ages and they have been wonderful but I’m… View Post
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My Fave Mothers Day Gifts

So Mothers Day is May 8th, right around the corner(!) and because my mamacita means the entire world and universe to me I wanted to share my favorite Mothers Day gifts with you. I posted this guy in Valentine’s Day gift ideas (V-Day gifts: here and here), but I’m going to make one for my mamacita for Mothers day this year. These compliments are really awesome but the lovely Kind Over Matter (wonderful blog name, no?!) have also made a… View Post

What I Wore-Game 1 and HAPPY EASTER, MY PEEPS!

(sweater-club monaco; tee-paragon; jeans-h&m; necklace-prize from The Budget Babe) I promise this is not another ode to the Knicks, I can not even talk about them right now as they are BREAKING MY HEART! BREAKING IT! But this is indeed what I wore in my real life to Game 1 last Sunday. What I really want to share with you is, this situation: Stockings and sandals!! Ok, so maybe not the most daring version of this combo on the internet… View Post

Links a la Mode <3

It is such a thrill to be on this list!!! The ASOS Update post really is my proudest blogging moment to date and it really showed me the power of blogging and the importance of my own voice. Secret time!!! I was almost not going to write SOKO. In my head, I thought “oh my blog is so small and new and who am I,” but I plowed through that self doubt because I really believed it was the right… View Post
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Happy Earth Day!

Some Earth Day inspiration for you :). All images linked to their sources, have fun! I heart Cri de Coeur makers of HOT vegan accessories. The Museum of Arts and Design in NY had an exhibit called Second Lives. I didn’t get to go and I totally still regret not seeing these things in life :(. Ooooh I saw these market bags from Artecnica at Sustainable NY and they are so so pretty and modern, would be lovely for a… View Post
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Smile File-Summer Mixtapes

If you read this blog you know I’m all about sharing, sharing sharing-so I am in love with this idea from Design Crush. MIXTAPE Swap!! My music unfortunately disappeared into computer abyss in 2007 (sad time, let’s not talk about it) but I’m going to try to use BF’s massive music library to participate. I think it would be just AWESOME to be able to listen to a stranger’s sounds of summer. Wonderful idea Design Crush! For details on how… View Post
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MORE Than Style-Alternative Apparel

I do wear a lot of patterns and a lot of dresses and a lot of fun colors, but if I haaad to choose my most favorite item of clothing in my whole entire huge wardrobe it would easily be the Mama Cass Tee in white by Alternative Apparel. No accessorizing in this pic, I wanted you to see just my tee 🙂 I had to qualify in white because I own this tee in a few versions: 3 white,… View Post

Smile File- Masquerade Cookie

Yuk, yuk, yuk. How fun are these cookies?! Love this idea! Spotted on Cakehead Loves Evil. Click image for “how to” from Munchikin Munchies. View Post
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What a Little Blogging Can Do-Asos Africa Update!

I wrote a post on ASOS Africa and their collaboration with SOKO Kenya back in March (see post HERE). I decided to write that post because it required a bit do of digging to find SOKO, the fair trade manufacturer for the ASOS Africa line, since there was no description of how the ASOS Africa line was made on the ASOS site. This is what ASOS Africa items looked like before, just one month ago. P.S. this jacket is still… View Post

What I Wore-Knicks Posting and Toasting

In case you haven’t heard, I am a HUGE Knicks fan! I love them!! I could go into it but you can see more of my fanaticism here and here, if you like. Some fellow Knicks fans invited me to go to celebrate the Knicks making the 6th seed in the playoffs!!! Happytown USA for us! The Knicks haven’t seen the playoffs in 7 years, and WE have watched them, trust me…was not easy. So H-A-P-P-Y! The celebration was thrown… View Post

Blog LOVE <3

I mentioned last week that I received some blog love. I’m sorry I’m so late with posting on this, I’ve been so caught up! These things meant so much to me I didn’t want anymore time to pass without sharing. First off I got this guy from Fab Finds Under $50: I can not tell you how over the moon I was!!! Fab Finds Under $50 is one of the first blogs I started following way back when, she was… View Post