Smile File-Bill Cunningham New York

I went to see Bill Cunningham New York at the Film Forum last night. The Documentary is an incredible portrait of the one of a kind street fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham. I have never seen, heard, or met a person so completely fulfilled by their work and ferociously committed to doing it their way.   Cunningham also seems to have all the good intentions in the world. His demeanor is kind and gentle and his genuine interest in people and… View Post

What I Wore…Why is it Still Winter?!

So the winter chill continues. I feel like this cold weather is way overstaying its welcome. Rude, rude winter. Sunday One of my dearest friends hosted a clothing swap last fall and this heart sweater guy is one of my finds there. Everyone walked away with fantastic things and she was kind enough to haul the unwanted items to goodwill. P.S.- Clothing swaps=best thing ever! It was really fun to see things that didn’t quite work on me  completely work… View Post
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