What I Wore….week of V-day

So this doesn’t capture everything…but I’m rethinking outfit posts and how I want to do them so I haven’t really been as diligent with taking pics.

BUT! I did want to share my small obsession with leather at the moment.

V’day outfit: I bought the leather skirt maybe 4/5 years ago and never wore it till last year! It was $20 bucks at some random sample sale and NOW I loooooove it! LOVE! Perhaps over the years I’ve slowly acquired the courage to wear leather!

blouse- h &m; leather skirt- avirex (circa 2006, lol); necklace-street fair

blouse- h &m; leather skirt- avirex (circa 2006, lol); necklace-street fair










Annnnnd…I honestly had the BEST Valentines day. I already told you about my winning Budget Babe’s necklace, which was a special treat. But I have not yet shared my wonderful dinner in with the bf which was fantastically hilarious/sweet/awesome/delicious.

We’d been toying with doing a weekly breakfast for dinner thing for a bit and he suggested we make it happen for ourselves on Valentine’s day. So we cooked each other our breakfast of choice; he made me my request for French toast and I made him his request for breakfast burrito a la McDonald’s…here is the burrito recipe. It REALLY does taste exactly like breakfast burrito at McDonald’s.

breakfast for dinner πŸ™‚

LOL, so 2 plates for the French toast b/c the first batch was a little crazytown, the 2nd batch I supervised a little more closely and was delicious. His gift: a flash drive with the whole discography of the Legendary Roots Crew, b/c I tragically lost a good chunk of my music and they are one of my MOST fave bands, so sweet πŸ™‚

Thanks honey for trying so hard to be crafty and making my Valentine’s day super special and full of laughter and thoughtfulness.

Tuesday outfit with the besties: I bought this shirt-dress from Asos about a month ago…yes, of course it was on sale :), they only had a US size 6 when I ordered but they have way more sizes available now. Although, sorry ladies It’s not as cheap as it was when I bought it.

I’m actually thinking of getting it taken in since there is a bit of extra width added to my hips with how loose it is on me in that area, which I definitely don’t like or need.Β  The picture on the left I actually clipped the back of it to see what it would look like w/ a little less fabric, I like it so much better.

shirt dress-asos.com $36
shirt dress-Asos $36









Also! Me and my dearest girls are making monthly dates to have dinner plus an extra fun excursion- February was our first date! We did Strip Xpertease class…so much fun! I totally felt sexy annnnd surprisingly bendy…lol. Also(!) a great workout! Highly recommend the class AND dates with the beautiful women in your life.

Wednesday outfit? I’m actually not so positive of the day. – LOVE flower pants πŸ™‚

denim shirt-zara's clearance $20; flower pants-zara's clearance $12; boots- miz mooz

Thursday outfit: I have been in search for AFFORDABLE leather shorts, not short shorts or tighty shorts, kind of easy breezy leather shorts for months and months;Β  finally happened on them at Espirit store on sale for $29.99! So so happy with this purchase!

shirt- h &m; leather shorts-espirit clearance $29.99; over the knee boots- miz mooz

why i love this shirt πŸ™‚

Tucked out!

Ooooooo…here is my new LF bag in action. Both strap options are the perfect perfect length on me, which never ever happens, I mean ever. LF’s sale is going on for the rest of this week…so make your way over there!

using crossbody strap

shoulder bag strap